Teaching Letter Sounds with Phonograms

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Phonograms Collection

English has many 2-letter, and some 3-letter combinations that make a single sound, like the /sh/ in ship. This collection will help give your child mastery of these sounds.

Phonogram Word Cards

Phonogram Word Cards

English is 97% phonetic including the special rules and exceptions. These word booklets help give your child practice with most all of the special phonograms that are needed to master the English Language. These lessons are designed correctly to isolate the single phonogram sound and avoid confusion. For example in practicing 'sh' words like ship, shop, and fish are best. However, using words like shark, sheep and shiny are poor words to practice with because they include the additional phonogram sounds 'ar', 'ee' and 'y'.

3.95 each. Each set includes 4 booklets, 12 words each and complete instructions for assembly and use.

Set 1 - sh, ng, ck, ee

Set 2 - ch, th, ai, oa

Set 3 - ow, ow, er, ay

Set 4 - aw, ar, ea, ea

Set 5 - oo, oo, oi, ur

Set 6 - or, ir, oy, ou

Set 7 - ce/ci, ge/gi, qu, wh

Set 8 - ed, ed, ed, ew

Set 9 - y, y, ey, ey

Set 10 - ie, ie, i, o

Set 11 - igh, tch, dge, ear

Set 12 - eigh, wor, oe, au

Set 13 - gn, kn, wr, ph, ui, ci, si, ti

Phonogram Books

Each book in this set focuses on a single phonogram, such as "sh." The sentences are cleverly written to include an abundance of words with this phonogram, but not so many that they become tongue-twisters. Only one phonogram is practiced in each book. Sample page from "oa" book: "Joan floats in her boat. She uses the oars on the boat." 10 Books - $9.95 Each.

Set 1 - $9.95
Phonograms Collection

Set 2 - $9.95
Phonograms Collection

Set 3 - $9.95
Phonograms Collection

Phonograms Workbook Activities

Phonograms Workbook

This book features five of the most common phonograms for practice; ch, sh, ee, ck and ng. 82 pages - $8.95

***Complete Phonograms Collection***

All 83 booklets/workbooks - Save! $82.95