Learning Letter Sounds

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Letter Sound Alphabet Cards

letter sound alphabet cards
Clip Art or Photo Images
English and Spanish Language Cards

These lessons help emergent readers learn the first sound that each letter makes, which is the initial building block in the reading foundation you're helping your child build. Each letter is associated with a picture. Your child holds the card and says, "a a apple" and so on to reinforce each letter sound. These lessons include complete instructions for assembly and use. 26 English cards. 31 Spanish cards.

It's vital that your child be given the proper sequence of lessons for learning letter sounds. They must be produced with special care to ensure that each letter has a matching image for the beginning letter sound that contains no consonant blends. For example, we use images such as: fish for letter 'f'. We do not use words such as frog for the 'f' because the 'f' and 'r' sounds are blended together - the 'f' sound is not isolated. Most lessons on the market fail to use correct letter sound isolation.

Alphabet Cards with Clip Art Images, 26 Cards

Alphabet Cards with Photo Images, 26 Cards

Alphabet Cards with Photo Images, Spanish, 31 Cards