The Best Methods to Teach Your Children to Read

I can read!

This site is dedicated to helping you properly teach your children how to read. We are the experts providing you with time-tested and proven learning methods that guarantee your children will be successful in mastering the written and spoken word.

We offer a wealth of expert tips and information as well as an exciting variety of specially designed early childhood products that help give your child a jump in brain development, fun and education.

Our Preschool University Learning Products Include:

  • Over 22 fun and engaging reading games for children that give them all the vital tools they need for reading success.
  • 78 reading booklet products that incorporate the important foundational principles for learning to read. They follow a carefully designed sequence so your children will not miss any steps in their quest to master reading.

The Classroom is Our Laboratory

The learn-to-read products available on this site were produced by Richard Colombini, MA. He is an expert in early childhood reading education and has spent over 22 years perfecting his ground-breaking techniques where it matters most - in the classroom.

Students who are fortunate enough to be taught by Mr. Colombini are guaranteed they will learn to read well and love doing it! Mr. Colombini's philosophy is grounded in Montessori teachings, which provides a holistic approach to learning based on the child's stages of natural development as they interact with their environment.

One of the most important gifts you can give your child is the ability to read. Mr. Colombini is pleased to present his gifts to you and now you have access to the products and information vital to helping your children master reading and loving the journey along the way!